Dealing with Worry and Stress

Dealing with Worry and Stress - By: Filoiann M. Wiedenhoff

Have you been worried or stressed over something that is starting to affect you in more ways than one? There are many reasons we can easily be stressed or worried such as our finances, our relationships, our work; you name it and the worse part is it never seems to go away.

You are not alone, life in itself has enough worries of it's own, even in Matthew chapter 6 it says not to worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries for itself. I want to encourage you that there is hope for your situation and that your worries can be turned into peace if you will heed God's word about this very normal and common dilemma. Let's look at what God's word says about this:

1. Do not worry: Telling someone not to worry is easier said than done. Take comfort in that Jesus understands what you are going through and shares in Matthew that we should not worry because our Heavenly Father is faithful to provide for His children. (Read Matthew 6:25-30)

2. Pray your Petitions to God: Taking our worries and concerns to God can be the best thing you could ever do. The bible says to come to Him and make your requests known to God with assurance that He hears the cries of His children. (Read Phillipians 4;6-7)

3. Come to Jesus: When we are at our worst God is at His best, come to Christ and allow Him to take your burdens and lighten your load. You can be honest with God in prayer, vent to Him, cry to Him and then ask God to take your burdens and believe that He is faithful and He will do it.(Read Matthew Read 11:28-30 )

4. Cast Your Cares Upon Him: Cast means to cast off or take off and in this passage it means to cast off your cares to Him, give them over to God and allow him to take them from you, because He cares for you. (Read 1 Peter 5:7)

5. Stay Focused on Him: As you are giving your burdens over to God you can now re=focus your mind and heart back onto Him and off of your troubles, trusting that God is going to take care of you. When you do you will receive His peace in return. (Read Isaiah 26; 3)

6. Trust Him: Remember that the bible says that Jesus is our peace, and we can put our trust in Him to not only take our burdens but to carry them. Once you give them over to God be sure that you don't take them back. Put it in His capable hands and leave it there!
(Isaiah 26:4 )

Trust in Him that He is faithful and that He will do it. Release it to God and then praise Him and thank Him for being so good to you. God is sovereign, He is still on the throne and in total control. Allow Him to be on the throne of your heart and He will give you much peace in return and so much more.

Personal Prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father,
When I am worried or stressed, help me to take my eyes off of my situation and re-focus back on you. Help me to trust you and give you my burdens and not take them up again and fill me with your peace that transcends all understanding so that I can rest again and be refreshed. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers because you care for me. Amen

Worry and Stress can affect us at any time. Here are some practical and biblical ways to help you through those times.

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Filoiann Wiedenhoff is a Pastor's Wife, Work at Home Mom, Woman's Biblical Counselor, Bible Teacher and Writer. You can view her website at

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