Self -Esteem and God Esteem

Self-Esteem and God Esteem

You may be struggling with past transgressions or the memories of someone constantly telling you of your worthlessness and believe you need to find a way to increase your self-esteem. What most people forget is that in feeling badly about themselves, they also reflect directly on how they feel about God. After all, God created you. The Bible tells us He offers unconditional love for anyone that believes. How could you doubt your worth if such a magnificent power, such as God, created you? He also believes enough in your worth to provide salvation and unconditional love for anyone willing to accept it. If God loves you, how can you possibly be worthless? If you hate yourself, aren’t you really insulting the Creator by hating His creation? However, if you love yourself too much, without giving any credit to God, aren’t you forgetting the powerful entity responsible for all your gifts and accomplishments?

When you look at self esteem, it requires you to compare yourself with others and decide you’re quite special; you raise yourself above others and in some cases, above God. When you look at yourself and feel inadequate, again, it’s focusing only on yourself and just as bad as feeling self-important. Self-esteem should come from within, not because you’ve done something special, but because God loves you, just for whom you are. You could look at yourself and find wonderful attributes, such as great beauty or intelligence, but that warm feeling of importance soon fades because there’s always someone more intelligent or more beautiful. You will end up like the queen in “Snow White,” constantly angry because someone else surpassed her beauty. In reality, all God’s creatures are beautiful and all those willing to believe, receive His love and salvation.

God esteem never leaves you feeling like the end of a sugar high, finding your self esteem only to be crushed even lower when you realize someone else is better at something or that things aren’t going the way you directed them. There will always be peaks and valleys in life and many times, your actions will be the reasons for the valleys. Does that mean you suddenly are less than you were previously? No, instead, it means you’re an imperfect human like the rest of humanity. Basing your belief system just on personal self-esteem can mean at some point, you simply won’t be able to maintain your belief. You are an imperfect creature, like everyone else on the planet, but God loves you and that is what should make you feel good. If you take all the credit for the gifts God gave you, you must take the responsibility for your shortcomings.

Both low self esteem and high self-esteem mean you’re focusing too much on yourself and not enough on others and God. They’re both a form of self-importance, which is pride and as we all know, “Pride cometh before a downfall.” God esteem gives you the peace of mind that no matter who you are; a powerful and all knowing intelligence loves you. Your job is to be honest in your actions and beliefs, to acknowledge your wrongs and attempt to do better. It doesn’t make you less to want to improve yourself and be honest. However, dwelling on your shortcomings is not an option. Instead, be happy with the magnificent creature God made you, strive to be the best person you can be, focus on God and others, rather than yourself and remember that God made you, so who are you to question His artistry.   

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