15 Tips To Help Boost Your Self Esteem 

Do you need a self confidence boost?  Well here are 15 self esteem tips that can help.

Start eating healthy.  Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Use less sugar, and if at all possible avoid fried and greasy foods.  Remember to drink lots of water.

Exercise to release stress and to reduce depression.  Exercise physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Physically - Avoid drugs and alcohol, practice breathing, relax your muscles if they are tensed, keep your proper weight, and do regular physical exercise.
  • Emotionally - Begin facing your fears.  If you are angry work it off in a positive way.  When you have problems talk them out.  Renew your mind by reading, going to seminars, going to a good church, listening to self help teachings.
  • Spiritually - Pray, meditate, sing, dance, praise, forgive others, respect others, don't judge, and be of service to others.

Self affirmations.  Say something positive about yourself daily.


Be around positive influences.  Stay away from gossipers, dream crushers, and negativity.  Reject anything that goes against the word of God.


Reject negative thoughts or words directed towards you from yourself and others.


Do the things you enjoy.  (Hobbies, gifts, and talents)


Celebrate yourself.  Go out get your hair, nails and feet done.  Maybe try getting a massage, buying new clothes, or having a facial.  Do what makes you feel good.


Have confidence in yourself.  Do not rely on the approval of others.


Don't compare yourself to others.  You were made to be different and unique in your own special way.  Why would you want to be like someone else?


Value yourself.  Set some standards for yourself.


Know yourself worth.  Believe that you are a Queen and that you deserve the best and nothing less.


Love yourself, if you don't who will.


Do not wait for someone to do something special for you, you do it, appreciate you.


Proper dress.  Dress suitable, comfortable, and not trashy.  Trashy will attract dogs and rodents.  Accentuate your curves.  Leave room for the imagination.  You can be sexy without exposing anything.




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