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Building Your Self Esteem and
Self Worth Through God's Word

Do You Suffer from Low Self Esteem or Self Worth Issues?

So many people do suffer with self-esteem issues.  This is a sad fact. The good news is that because you  have the tools within you and at your fingertips to overcome these self- worth

The Self Esteem Bible Scriptures book gently guides you through the issues of low self-esteem and shares with you the best scriptures to combat these feelings.  You are created to be more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.  That is easy to say, but the book shows you how with scripture reference.

What's in the Book

The introduction leads to the sections to help you grasp the meaning of self-esteem.  By understanding what it is and how it affects you, you will be able to combat the issues of lowliness and worthlessness through the power of God's word.  The first section is " What is Self Esteem" with a good definition of low self -esteem.  This section covers "What Is Self Worth" followed by "Boosting Self Esteem."  This section starts to include scriptures and advises on raising your self-esteem through the Word.  The next section is " Your Identity in Christ."  If you can grasp this concept you can bust through any issues of worthlessness you have.

The biggest sections of the book are in the "Look to the Scriptures on Building Self Esteem" and Self Worth."  It is hard to debate God's word on the subject; He is very clear all through the Old and New Testaments about how we are to thing of ourselves and how we are to act.  The Old Testament section contains twelve scripture references, with the verses and an exclamation on each.

The New Testament is by far the largest section, taking the life and example of Jesus Christ and the wisdom of Paul, Peter, and John and the others who authored these Holy Scriptures.  This section contains forty scripture references with detailed exclamations on the verses to help you in understanding just who you are in Christ Jesus and how to build your self-esteem through God's Holy words.



 Tanika Haynes.

..... "Very inspiring an easy to read really love the book very helpful going to by more to give to family and friends".

Debora L. Barber "Debbie Barber"

...".A motivational and inspirational book that directly relates to helping one identify their self worth through various scriptures. Easy to read and understand as well as to apply to every day life".

Venus Hill..

......."The book was very inspirational, It helped me to better understand who I am".

      About The Author

Hello, my name is Shnail Morris and I am a mother, author, teacher, and life coach.  I suffered my self from low self worth issues. I began to study the bible looking for scriptures to combat those feelings of low self esteem,  self worth and found great advice that helped me to release those negative feelings of insecurities.  When you began to let go of the old things you can start to walk in the new.

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