10 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Him Before Getting In To Deep 

So you have been dating a guy you like for a while now.  Things between the two of you are going fine.  Now you are wondering where exactly is this relationship headed to?  This is the time to ask those deep questions to help you determine the next level of your relationship. 

  1. What is his life's vision?  Are you included in his vision?
  2.  Can he protect you physically from being verbally and physically abused?  Not allowing others to speak negatively of you.  Can he keep himself from physically and verbally abusing you?
  3. Can he protect you spiritually by studying the word, teaching you the word, and praying with you?
  4.  Can he protect you financially?  What is his credit like, how many credit cards does he have.  Is he in debt, does he pay child support if so is he current?
  5.  Does he know the difference between love and true love?
  6.  What is his ideal woman?  What characteristics does he want in a woman?
  7.  Is he willing to take an STD test?
  8.  What are his short and long term goals for his life?
  9.  Can he cultivate you?  Enhance you make you better.


If he chooses not to answer then maybe he's not the man for you.  Let him go.  If he has a plan for his life and wants you in it he will answer the questions.

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