Purpose Defined 



Purpose Defined 

Have you ever wondered why you are here on this earth?  What is the meaning to your life?  Purpose, is the reason of your existence.  Everyone has a God given purpose.  We were all created with a specific purpose.  Life without purpose causes one to become unbalanced, trying to figure which direction to go.  Your purpose is not your job or your everyday responsibilities.

Let's consider a chair, now we know that chairs are designed to be sat in right.  Now think about those chairs that you have in that special dining room area that no one ever uses.  On the dining table you have all the pretty eloquent tableware, sparkling silverware, napkins folded perfectly in to the shape of an animal sitting inside of a wine glass, plates mounted just right on top of the place mats, while each chair has been placed apart within specific inches from each other all to be dusted and polished daily.  Okay now let us imagine for a second that your chairs have souls.  You have company over and you walk by that beautiful dining area.  Your company acknowledges  how beautiful the area is especially the chairs but you keep walking.  The next day you walk in the dining area to grab a chair, all of a sudden the chair starts to become excited.   You pull the chair over to the blinds only to grab the dust wand and your dust bootie shoes so you can stand in the chair to dust the blinds.

The chair starts to feel anxious and nervous inside, but doesn't really know why.  As the days and months go by you continue to use the chair to high dust, the kids crawl under the chair, over the chair, drive car toys on the chair, but on one really uses it the way it was intended to be used for.  Yet seeming to still feel unfulfilled the chair begins to acknowledge the fact that there is still something missing.  Every Sunday you and your family always go out to dinner or you go to someone else's house to eat.  It dawns on you, hey why don't I start having Sunday dinners at home, that way you can show off your beautiful dining room.   Now everyone comes over every other Sunday to have dinner sitting in those chairs that were just sitting around waiting for someone to sit in them.  Now all the chairs feel complete.

I was once going through a hard time wondering why was I born?  I use to feel as if I were just going along with the flow of life, like my current situation was just it.  There was nothing more or exciting to my life.  I accepted my current job, but I wasn't happy there.  This wasn't a place where I would just be happy every morning to get up and go to.  It was just a way to pay the bills.  I felt unfulfilled and empty.  I use to ask people what does it mean to have a purpose.  I would often get a response that they did not know or they would say think about your dream job.  I did that.  I went to college took a career assessment test.  The test showed different career paths that were good for me.  I chose a field of study but I was not passionate about this choice.  I started to realize that I was asking the wrong people.  They did not know because they did not design me.  I needed to get wise counsel from the creator himself, because he designed me.  For a while I believed that I had no purpose and that only certain people had a purpose.

When you find your purpose:

  • You will be able to focus on your life
  • It will help you find you're self
  • You will have more confidence
  • Your stress and fears will be reduced
  • It will determine who you hang out with
  • It will help you determine who your mate will be
  • You will have fulfillment and long-term happiness

Here are a few questions to help you discover your life's purpose.

  • What is something that you can do every day, even if you do not get paid for it?
  • What are some things that you do naturally without even thinking about it?
  • What would you like to be doing right now?
  • What could you do to help others?
  • What do you feel passionate about?
  • Take a look at your surrounding, what problems do you see?
  • What do you often dream about?
  • What makes you cry?
  • What makes you angry?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What are some obstacles you had to overcome?
  • What type of cause do you believe in?
  • If you were to die today what would you regret not doing?
  • Who do you admire most and why?

Focus on answering these questions before you add any other projects or activities to your life.  Take your time, it may take a few days, a few months, a few years.  No matter how long, stay devoted to finding the most important person in the world, (You)!



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