Positive Affirmations For Women With Low Self Esteem

Positive Affirmations for Women with Low Self-Esteem

Women who practice positive affirmations get high on life! Affirmations help women with low self-esteem feel better about themselves. You've probably heard about affirmations, but either you don't know how to compose them or you don't really understand their purpose.

Many women with low self-esteem have successfully used positive affirmations to create change in their life.  The practice requires imagination and dedication. It requires a new mindset where you stop imagining (and expecting) limitations and lack.

Are you willing and ready to invest in your authentic self? Great!

Energy follows thought: you will imagine and affirm yourself as a confident, well-liked, happy woman who loves and is loved.  You will get a clear image of your authentic self – going, doing, being, becoming - the very best you. This charges your thought with energy.

Know this: Your subconscious mind hears exactly what you say. Subconscious isn't able to recognize negative affirmations that include words such as "not" or "no".  For example, an affirmation stating "I am not a wallflower" is computed by subconscious as "I am a wallflower". 

Use this puny affirmation and subconscious will set-about to ensure you are quite invisible at social occasions.

Universal time and tick-tock time are different: Let's learn the difference! Suppose you have a blind date. You get a savvy hairstyle, a trendy frock and actually feel pretty good about the self you see in the mirror. This is a tick-tock time, quick-fix.

You might make it through the appetizer before the old tapes start playing – "I am worthless." "I don't deserve to be liked." And, so on.

Your subconscious mind operates on universal time. It hears your positive affirmations and starts searching for right situations, right people and right timing. Affirmations never promised instant gratification. Give them at least 30 days before expecting to see improvement.

Positive Affirmations manifest on universal time, but are composed "as if" time is always now. (Time is always now! Every thought, every action you make happens now.)

So, relax and have fun working on your affirmations.

When you affirm something, you make it firm. Your affirmations should consist of strong, positive statements that this thing or that thing is already so.

Now let's explore positive affirmations that many women of low self-esteem have used to transform their lives. You can say them silently, out loud or sing them. Frequency is most important. The more frequently you practice your affirmations, the more positive reality you will create.

"Everything that completes me is coming easily and effortlessly now."

"My self-esteem is blossoming into total perfection now."

"I am whole and complete within myself."

"I love to love and be loved."

"I am enough."

"I now have a perfect, satisfying, well-paying job."

"I communicate with clarity."

"I am always in the right place, at the right time, successfully engaged in the right activity."

"I give thanks for my authentic life of awesome self-esteem and self-expression."

"I am open to receiving all the blessings from the wonderful universe."

"I am a worthwhile person."

"All things I seek are seeking me now."

"I like myself at all times."

"I am a warm, friendly, well-liked person."

"I respect myself and my goals."

"My rich good becomes visible now."

You can have all the self-confidence for which you are willing to pay the price of positive affirmations! What a delightful way of becoming what you want to be by affirming that you already are!

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