27 Characteristics of a Grown up Mature Man 

A Mature Man

  • He has and desires a relationship with God.
  • He builds up others without putting them down.
  • He treats the women in his life with respect. ( Mother, daughter, wife, coworkers, family, and friends).
  • He doesn't blame others for his problems, but takes responsibility for his actions.
  • He accepts correction.
  • He is humble, knowledgeable, and wise.
  • He is a man of his word; he does what he says he will do.
  • He is quick to forgive.
  • He is able to manage his temper and anger.

A Mature Man

  •  He knows the difference between his wants and needs.
  • He is empathetic towards the needs and hurt of others, and is able to see those needs through their perspective.
  • He knows and understands his responsibility as a leader, teacher, cultivator, protector, and provider.
  • He is a good role model.
  • He understands that he to also has flaws, but always continues to strive for self-improvement.
  • He gives to his community.
  • He admits when he is wrong and apologies.

A Mature Man

  • He has a teachable spirit.
  • He is willing to tell the truth even if it hurts.
  • He is not easily offended.
  • He uses his hands to love you and not to abuse you.
  • He is the first to restore the broken relationship.
  • He does not try to change who you are, but allows you to be yourself.
  • He does not go around spreading rumors about you.
  • He doesn't make you do things his way.  (My way or the highway)
  • He has a purpose that is greater than himself.  He utilizes his gifts and talents to be able to be of a benefit to helping other people.  That's the reason why he does what he does it'd not just about getting a paycheck.

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