Women Love, Sex, Relationships, and Men

What do women really need to know about men and relationships. Listed below are a few tips from good men of stature to help women learn about how men view love, sex, and relationships. 

  • No woman can tell a woman about a man.  She can only share her experiences.  She doesn't know how or what a man thinks.


  • Men are only connected to the woman to who he has paid the price for.  Some women believe that if they give a man what she thinks he needs he will emotionally bond to her.  If there is no price to pay he will not bond to you.


  • Women, we are born open and trusting.


  • Men are hidden and full of ego.


  • You must learn about men from honorable fathers, brothers, pastors, friends, men of good stature.  Read books about men, what they think, how they think, how they view sex and relationships.


  • Men are trained by life to get you cheap.  If they do, they can decide what they will do with you.


  • Be careful of the smooth sweet talking man especially if you like him.  He will use things to get inside your head.  For example: you don't have your own car, house, or enough money he will try to entice you with these things to get with you.  Have your own car, house, and money.  If he does not come after you then leave him alone.  No price to pay, he will not bond to you.


  • Learn to first love yourself before you begin to want to love someone else.


  • All men are not created equally.  Do not judge one man's character based on another man's actions.


  • The relationship you're in good or bad you chose.  Choose your mate wisely.



  • If a man truly loves you he will honor and respect you.


  • If you are dating a man who does not call you often, show you love, or does not seek to pursue you, then he's just not that into you.  Move on!


  • No woman can change a man.  Not your good looks, your best bedroom tricks, or your best cooking will not do.  He has to want to commit to you.


  • Do you wonder why you keep attracting men that are not good for you?  Check yourself, maybe it's something about you that keeps attracting the wrong mate.


  • Are you be bitter, vengeful, and unforgiving?  Stop right now and deal with this behavior or true love will just walk on by.  Stop breaking your own heart.


  • A real man values his woman.  He will protect her physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  He will not devalue you or compromise your integrity.


  • If you live with a man before you are married there is no guarantee that he will fully commit to marrying you.  Why get married when he is enjoying all the perks without marriage.


  • If you have a good man of stature, treat him well.  A non deserving male tell him farewell.  Give him the deuces (peace) sign.


  • Guard your heart from those who are not deserving of you.


  • Players, pimps, and hustlers will misuse and abuse you spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.



  • Respect is what a man needs.  When a man is not respected this can affect all areas of his life.  Be supportive of his decisions and choices whether he is right or wrong, but be able to let him know when he is wrong without putting him down.  He wants your support and knows that you have his back.


  • The one thing that a woman desires most is love.  We need love. This is how we are designed.  We love to  feel special and appreciated.


  • Understand that love and sex is not the same.  Sex for a woman is emotional.  Women tend to catch feelings for the person she has been sexually involved with.  Sex for men is just a physical act.  They are not connected to a person that they may have been sexually involved with.  They can be with someone, become sexually involved, get up and walk away without becoming emotionally attached.


  • Stay away from women or are angry, bitter, vengeful, male bashers.  They tend to have distorted views of the male gender.  If you keep company with these women you will begin to become like them and be hateful towards all men.


  • If a man cheats on another woman for you, most likely he will do the same to you.  Get out of line don't be next.


  • Watch the bearing of his fruit.


  • When a man is still searching for who he is, he is not likely to commit to being with just one woman.  He does not know who he is, where he's going, or what he wants for his life.  For him, settling down with just one woman is not the number one priority on his list of things to do.


  • Are these myths blocking you from true love?


  1. You believe that all men cheat.
  2. Men are intimidated by the amount of money you make.
  3. All the good men are taken.
  4. God chooses your mate. He places people in front of you, but you have the free will to accept that person in your life.
  5. There is only one soul mate for you.  So untrue, there are numerous amounts of people who could be a perfect match for you.

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