Forgiveness What Is It?

Forgiveness is:

A choice

A peace of mind

Freedom from guilt, shame, anger, and judgment

Letting go of what happened, or who hurt you

   Often when people hurt us we tend to keep the pain buried down in our souls. 

Holding on to the pain causes one to become bitter, angry, vengeful, resentful,

unforgiving, and blameful towards others.  In one way or another we began to

create a poor me attitude.  Forgiving someone that hurts you is not for you to make

them feel better but for you.  When you forgive them you release them from having

the power over you that you allowed them to have.  If you choose not to forgive then

they keep the power.  Those who have hurt you will move on with their lives, go to

sleep at night while you become full of rage anger and bitterness.  Take back what

you lost (yourself).  You don't have to face them to forgive them, forgive them in

your spirit and mean it.  Don't worry about if they seem to be prospering, in love,

living a happy life etc.  Leave it up to Him. " Vengeance is mine saith the Lord", no

wrong deed goes undone.  (Romans 12:19)




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