Domestic Violence 

Domestic Violence and Abuse Articles  

Domestic Violence.....What exactly is domestic violence?

What Does The Bible Say About Domestic Violence......First and foremost we should know that love does not more.

Cycles of Domestic Violence.....Domestic violence happens in thee separate phases....

Abusive Relationship Signs....You are in an abusive relationship if you experience one or more of the following signs......

Different Types Of Abuse

Physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, financial, and digital are all types of abuse that one may encounter.  Click to learn about each.

How do women end up in abusive relationships........Read more.

How To Recognize Abusers and The People They Abuse.  Why do abusers abuse?  Click to read more.

How To Help Someone In An Abusive Relationship.  Helping someone out in an abusive relationship can be a difficult task, but it is possible if..... Read more.

Many assume that children who witness domestic violence are perhaps too young to be affected. Many also assume that children are resilient enough to be left unscathed by the experience..... Read more

The effects domestic violence causes are not limited to just the woman who is abused. All can agree that women suffer physical and mental damage from domestic violence, to be to read more.

 Physical abuse can escalate significantly and this leads to a fatality. Statistics bear out this problem is far greater than many would assume......Read more.

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