10 Steps to creating change

    People often struggle with change.  Change is hard but it can be good for you.  Fear often keeps one from wanting change, because change pushes them out of their comfort zone and into the unknown.  Other people want to change but don't know how.  Listed below are a few ways to help take the next step into creating the life you want to live.

  • Make a decision to want to change Change begins with you making a conscious decision to want to make a change.  One decision can change your life in an instant.  When you feel as if you had enough of something; choose to do something different.  Nothing can happen unless you choose to change and take action.


  • Turn your will over to God Desire his will for your life.  Allow him to be your source of encouragement.


  • Don't get stuck Look ahead to your future.  Challenge yourself in everything you do.  Change the way you think.  Renew your mind.  Don't get stuck with yesterdays way of thinking.


  • Get knowledge, informationIn order to transform you life you must get information.  For example, let's say you decide that you want to lose weight.  You have no clear knowledge on what type of nutritious foods are good for you to eat.  You go by your own understanding and decide to eat what you want, how much you want, and when you want.  By doing these things it keeps you from loosing the weight.  Increase your knowledge by reading, searching the internet, or by speaking with someone who specializes in your area of need.  When you get information apply it to your life and to the lives of others.  Don't let what you know go to waste.


  • Desire change You have to want to grow.  There is no quick fix to change.  Change is a process it takes time.  All the resources you read, or classes you attend will not make a difference in your life if you don't desire to change.  Watch your focus.  What you desire becomes your focus.


  • Let go of the pastLet the past be the past.  There is nothing you can do to change it.  Holding on to things that may have happened to you will cause you to bring up all that emotional feelings of pain, guilt, and resentment.  This will hinder you from enjoying your life; don't allow excuses to make you feel sorry for yourself.  Remember, "it gets greater later".


  • Guard your hearts entranceProtect what your hear, see, say, and listen to.  Our heart filters what goes in and what comes out.  What we think or believe in our heart reveals who we are on the inside, but shows through our actions on the outside.  If you choose not to protect your heart and mind, then your life can easily spin out of control.  You have authority over every area of your life including your mind.


  • Reject negative thoughtsReject any negative thoughts or words directed towards you and replace them with positive ones.  Do not allow yourself to give in to the negativity.  Remember you have the final authority over what's eating away at you.  If you are sick, say you're healed, someone says you're not pretty; say your beautiful, if you have no money, say you have money in the bank.  Words are powerful.  You get what you claim and believe.


  • Who are you hanging out withTemptation is everywhere.  You have to be careful where you go and who you hang out with.  For example if you are a recovering alcoholic, you would not want to hang out in places where alcohol is being served.  Like in bars, clubs, friends you have that like to drink.  Stay away from temptation.  Don't place yourself in a situation that may cause you to backslide into your old habits.  Change your friends, find new places to hang out at, and enjoy your journey.


  • Have a teachable spirit Be open to learning new things.  Be able to accept correction when needed.  It will allow you to gain understanding and help you to grow.


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