How to Build Self-Confidence Spiritually 

 Confidence Through God and His Word

Successful attainment in life depends upon achieving confidence. The key to self-confidence is a strong belief in the power of faith. Most people live in fear, afraid of failure, afraid to take risks, afraid to die.

Every tool you need to build self-confidence is within the Bible. God's Word will condition your mind so that confidence and faith develop within you. Take the Word seriously. Change your thinking to a confidence-obsession and you will be made bigger than the obstacle.

Unfortunately, most people never rise-up to meet their full potential. Because we have been conditioned to see ourselves as failures, weak, undeserving of good things, which are our God-given rights.  

If you were told you were no good, stupid and would never amount to anything, it is quite possible you have lost confidence in God. You see yourself as a failure, unworthy of good things. To change the way you are, you must change that image.

Would it comfort you to know that at some point in her life, every woman experiences spiritual-disconnect? There is only one thing to do, to develop self-confidence and regain faith in God.

You must tell Him!

In fact, demand it. Remember how you prayed as a child? You didn't send up a wimpy prayer about how nice it might be to get a doll for Christmas. No – you talked to God about that bride doll with a long white veil you saw in the window of Jones Department Store. You told him you would treat her gentle and love her like nobody else could. You demanded him to get busy with it!

With this in mind, we have designed an action plan - actually, you could call it a life plan. From this day forward, when you want something, execute the plan. If it pleases you, start with self-confidence.

The Action Plan

  • Believe this thing exists
  • Have faith God will show you the thing
  • Ask (demand) for a leading to get the thing
  • Dare to be bold
  • Claim it!

Dare to Be Bold

Daring to be bold is a BIG part of your life plan. The Bible equates boldness with faith.  As you grow in faith, so you grow in boldness. Here is an example of human boldness.

It was a Star-Trekish moment, when Apollo 8 landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong admitted his fears of the unknown "there were just a thousand things to worry about".

In daring to be bold, the astronauts exercised faith that God would safely lead them to the moon and back.


Chances are, you don't fancy being an astronaut. But, you do have a place to fill, your perfect expression. As you walk in faith, ask God to open the way, to release your perfect plan. Request a definite leading and the way will be made clear and easy.

We were born with God-confidence to manifest our gift, whether it is painting, singing, ministering, writing, parenting, etc. When we are assured of our abilities, we speak with boldness and conviction.

Ego vs. Sincere Self-Confidence

Be mindful of the difference between ego and sincere self-confidence. Egotism is an attitude "Not thy will but mine be done. Lord, I appreciate your help, but prefer to handle things my way."

If you find yourself in a situation where you need an instant dose of sincere self-confidence, repeat again and again: God loves me.  God is guiding me. God is showing me the way.


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