Body Confidence Affirmations

Body confidence affirmations work on deep levels to make a permanent impression on your subconscious mind. By practicing positive self-image affirmations, you claim a healthy body confidence, or get comfortable in your own skin. You celebrate yourself exactly as you are rather than kowtow to unrealistic expectations of culture and society.  You free yourself from marketing and media's idea of the ideal woman.

To activate the miracle-working power of affirmations, devote at least 15 minutes every day to your practice. Remember to: write affirmations in the present tense; state them positively; experience the feelings that go along with them and practice your body confidence affirmations daily. Conclude each practice with: "This or something better is now working for my highest good".

'Where do I start?' is the question in the minds of most beginners. We suggest you begin with health. A healthy body is a happy body!


I am attracting perfect health.

My body is in perfect health now.

Whatever I need to obtain this perfection is made available to me now.

God's desires and my desires are in sync.

I have transcended all derivations of illness.

My body is in perfect balance and harmony with the universe.

I give thanks for ever-increasing health and vitality.

Use these samples or write your own body confidence affirmations.

Power up Body Confidence with Positive Energy

The affirmation wheel grinds slowly if we fail to power it up positive energy. Make persuasive statements to yourself that it exists, that it has come or is now coming to you. Practice with feeling. Believe that all you desire desires you and it is both real and attainable.

Now, let's look at affirmations designed to 1) show yourself some love 2) let go of negative self-perceptions 3) release your need to seek approval from 'well-meaning' others.

I am a radiant being, filled with light and love.

I am whole and complete in myself.

I love myself just as I am.

I appreciate myself just as I am.

I am radiantly beautiful.

I am surrounded by the White Light of the Christ, through which nothing negative can penetrate.

I love my body.

I am a Spiritual Being – my body is perfect, made in His likeness and image.

I honor my unique self.

I grant myself permission to shine.

I give thanks for my perfect sight. I see God in every face and good in every situation.

My ears are the ears of Spirit. I hear clearly the voice of intuition.

I am a spiritual warrior!

I am here to become more loving.

Supercharge your Affirmations

The next thing everyone wants to know is "Why aren't my affirmations working?"

Are you practicing your affirmations every day? How bad is your body confidence? Are you ready to leave yesterday behind and live today with your affirmations?

Let us show you how to supercharge your body confidence affirmations!

Supercharging creates total belief in the subconscious mind even before your intangible goal is achieved. For example, one of the most difficult affirmations for people lacking body confidence to believe and achieve is:

"I love myself just as I am."

Your conscious mind will rebel with a lot of nonsensical chatter:

"You know your teeth stick out in front. Your butt is too fat.""You've sure packed on the pounds recently". And, so on.

To deeply condition your subconscious say – Stop – each time you think negative thoughts. Then state the affirmation "I love myself just as I am."


"I don't have to try to please others. I am naturally loveable, just as I am"

"This or something better is now working for my highest good".

And, so it is!

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