How Important Is Being True To Self?

 You may have heard the term “be true to self”, but what does that really mean? The answer to that lies within your core of existence, and it is a decision you will have to make from one moment to the next. It is a lifelong commitment to practice who you are on a daily basis. Being true to self is a way of life that will help you enjoy your journey through life to the fullest extent.

Many people feel that they must meet others expectations, but that is not being true to self, unless you simply consider yourself an extension of another person or persons. While it is true that our families help us develop into the individuals we become, that does not mean that we are merely part of a family. We are each individuals who must develop on our own, with our own likes and dislikes, talents and personalities to name just a few human traits.


The act of being true to self consists of being entirely honest about your feelings, values and desires. That is not to say that you should always be blurting out everything that comes to mind, but it does mean letting others, as well as yourself, know what you think. You can do this not only by the words you speak, but your actions often speak louder than words. In this way, you will be allowing the truth about who you are to flow out from you and into the world around you.


If you are going to be able to let the world know who you are, you will first need to understand that for yourself. That means developing a deep and abiding trust for the person you are. The place to begin is with listening to your inner thoughts. Since you are not just a psychological being, but are also a physical being, it is important to realize that you must also pay close attention to how your body responds to the way you interact with all your experiences.


There are many ways for you to become more aware of who you are and learn to be true to self. You may have heard some people suggest that keeping a journal is a great way to track your thoughts and emotions. It is also a good way to learn more about who you are. In addition to journaling, meditation and yoga are excellent means of getting in touch with your inner self.


The point of these exercises is to establish points of reference so that you can easily determine when something is not quite right with your being. As you practice, it will become easier for you to correct misalignments. It will also help you to learn to trust your intuition, which is a definite part of being true to oneself.


If you are not being true to self, you may find that you feel disconnected, empty, discontent, uneasy, tense and contracted, and lack a feeling of fulfillment. As you learn to recognize and cultivate a sense of self-awareness, you will also realize that you are more open, freer, joyful and ready to expand your horizons.


A wonderful side benefit of being true to self is that people will see you for who you really are, or wish to get to know you better. You will become more relaxed and able to enjoy life as it was meant to be lived.


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