How Do Women End Up In Abusive Relationships 

There are various reasons to how or why a woman may end up in an abusive relationship. Listed below are a few examples.

  • They don't know what domestic violence is
  • Women do not know the warning signs of abuse
  • Some ignore the warning signs
  • They lack knowledge on what a healthy relationship is
  • Some women are desperate and would accept any man to keep from being alone
  • For some women abuse is all they know
  • There is a lack of positive male role models during their upbringing
  • Some believe that they can change the abuser
  • They have a hard time loving themselves so this allows an abuser to treat them any way they feel necessary
  • Some women choose men without using good judgment
  • Some like drama, they love to yell, scream, argue and debate


Why do they stay?

  • Low self-esteem.  The abuser may constantly put down the victim or blame them for the abuse, and in turn the victim believes in the accusations made towards them and starts to believe it is their fault.


  • They hope things will get better since the abuser may not abuse all the time.


  • Their is a lack of support from family and friends.


  • Fear of not making it on their own.


  • They do not trust the legal system and do not have police protection.


  • Fear of losing custody of the children.


  • Fear of becoming a single parent.


  • Embarrassment, afraid of how others would judge them.


  • Some believe that the abuser may become more violent.


  • Fear of jeopardizing their life and the lives of their children.


  • Some believe the abusers behavior extends from external problems like drugs, alcohol, work issues, finances, etc. since they don't abuse all the time.


  • The abuser controls all the resources including the finances.


  • Has no access to help or safety.


  • Some believe that it's love.








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