What Are The Signs That You May Be In An Abusive Relationship? 

You are in an abusive relationship if you experience one or more of the following :


  • Does he/she embarrasses you in front of others.


  • Does your partner threatens to harm you


  • Talks down on your accomplishments


  • Checks everything you do from your cell phone, gas mileage, emails, and social sites because they think you are being unfaithful


  • Does he/she grab, punch, kick, choke, slap, burn, bite, spit on, and hit you


  • Blames you for their violent behavior


  • Make you feel worthless


  • He/she makes you feel incompetent to where you feel you can't make your own decisions


  • Isolate you from your family and friends


  • Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde (acts like two totally different people, loving in front of others, abusive and controlling behind closed doors).


  • Are they bossy and very demanding


  • He/she controls the finances without your permission, closely watches everything you buy, dishes you out an allowance with the money you worked for, abuses credit cards in your name, involuntary makes you put their name on your bank account.


  • Will not allow you to do things you like: hang out with family and friends, go shopping etc.


  • Being forced in to doing any sexual activities that you do not want to do.


  • Being verbally and physically assaulted in public. 

Do You:


  • Feel like you are walking on egg shells around them.  (You feel afraid of them when they are around you).


  • You have bruises, broken bones, broken teeth, or burn marks.


  • Feel depressed


  • Cover up your bruises with makeup or heavy clothing.


  • Make frequent visits to the hospitals or clinics.


  • Make excuses for your partners abusive behavior.


  • You have thoughts about committing suicide.


  • Constantly miss work because of your injuries.


  • Scared to seek medical attention due to fear of angering your partner.



These are clear warning signs that you are in an abusive relationship.  If you are not being physically hit or sexually assaulted does not mean you are not being abused.  Abuse is not just physical , but it is also mental, emotional, and verbal abuse.  Please do not believe that these problems will go away on their own.  Seek help and get medical attention as soon as possible.  Some of these warning signs can lead to instant fatality.





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