Characteristics of a Real Woman 

A Real Woman

  • God is first in everything she does.
  • She doesn't worries, she is full of faith and puts her trust and cares in God.
  • She is seen first and not heard.
  • She knows when and how to respond.
  • She is reliable, dependable, prayerful, hopeful, generous, and a risk taker.
  • She is a great nurturer, she manages her home, take care of her kids, respects and encourages her husband.
  • She is submissive, and not flirtatious.  She is flirtatious to her husband, or future husband.
  • She often smiles, is well liked, and has a friendly face.
  • She shows love and kindness to everyone.



A Real Woman

  • She is private, selective, and quiet spirited.
  • She evaluates everything she does, she doesn't just roll with the punches.
  • She is not easily persuaded.
  • She is wise, and very knowledgeable on many different subjects.
  • She dresses in the proper clothing that enhances her figure.
  • She does not use slang.
  • She manages her time and relationships well.
  • She knows her worth and understands her value as a woman.
  • She is strong, interdependent, and confident.

A Real Woman

  • She does not gossip, but places herself in conversations that will uplift, and empower others.
  • She understands her role as a helper and knows that through God has the ability to get many things done.
  • She has her priorities in order.
  • She does not draw attention to herself by being loud, rude, obnoxious, or provocatively dressed.
  • She is sober, not hanging out living loosely.
  • She doesn't hold grudges and always forgives.
  • She is not ashamed of her past, has an understanding on her present, and is walking towards her future.
  • She is compassionate, unselfish, and no matter what obstacles she may be experiencing in her life she continues to love and nurture those amongst her.


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