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Women face challenges to their self esteem on a constant, daily basis. A woman's self esteem is challenged when she looks in the mirror and she notices that her physical appearance looks very different than the women she works with or goes to school with. Most women try to compete with their favorite celebrities and magazine models, only to feel that they fall very short of what is perceived as "perfection". 

A woman's self-esteem is challenged by her family when she feels misunderstood, diminished or taken advantaged of. Women get tired of trying to fit into their family's expectations and characterizations. While the average woman wants to be noticed, loved and embraced for who she is and has become, she doesn't know how to verbalize these desires. Therefore, her self worth takes a beating a little more. 

A woman's worth is challenged in her workplace. She has the burden of proving herself as capable of an employee and potential leader as her male counterparts. Not only is she judged on her personal character and on her professional skills, she's not so secretly judged on her ability to make the company look good, based upon her physical appearance and beauty. Many women watch with resent as they are passed over for opportunity after opportunity, no matter how hard they labor to prove themselves. 

Certainly, many women face challenges to their self worth in their romantic relationships and in their marriages. Women often struggle with feeling ignored, disregarded, taken for granted and devalued by their partners, the person whom they've entrusted body and soul. Sadly, many women place the totality of their self worth in the approval of their romantic partners. Needless to say, women like this often receive very little compensation for the effort they place into earning their partner's respect and passion. 

This site is dedicated to helping women raise their level of self esteem by sharing encouraging, empowering, inspiring, tips and strategies that will help enhance your everyday life. The overall goal is to help you feel good about who you are so that you can begin to enjoy life.


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